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We invite Alumni, students and friends to check in for the latest news from the Foundation including what fund-raising projects the Foundation is launching.


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The Lunenburg Academy, built between 1893-1895, is a massive, three-storey wooden Victorian building in the eclectic tradition, boldly painted in red, black and white in the town of Lunenburg, NS. It still functions as a public school for the primary level, and it is surrounded by an open playground area.


It is located in a key location at the top of Gallows Hill, and is visible from most viewpoints when approaching Lunenburg. The property abuts Lunenburg's Old Town Heritage Conservation District. Designation covers the building and surrounding property.

Our Mission:

The care, preservation, and restoration of this National Historic Site.


Lunenburg Academy Foundation,
97 Kaulbach Street, Lunenburg
PO Box 697 Lunenburg NS B0J 2C0


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